Sunday, April 14, 2019

Southbound and Down...On our way to Georgia

As I mentioned in the last post, Leanne over at From Chaos Comes Happiness and I took a road trip to visit our friend Nicole from Destination Unknown.  This trip began last fall, as Leanne, her sister Laura, and I just started talking about the road trip and Laura reached out to Nicole to start the planning.  Shortly after, Laura was diagnosed with a rare, metastatic ovarian cancer and by December, we had lost our dear friend and sister.  But Leanne and I, in our year of healing, have decided to honor the plans that Laura had made.  So on March 31, 2019 we headed out.

Day 1 - On the road nice and early  - 4:15 a.m. CDT
This was the first road trip Leanne and I took together.  We were kind to each other for, I'd say, 45 minutes.  Just kidding.  It was sweet!  And we got to witness an incredible sunrise!

Along with some snow.  South of us.  Still trying to process that!!

Anyway, I will say that Leanne is a top notch navigator, although she did laugh at me for printing out the Google map directions.  "Dear Peg, don't you know that we have maps on our phones?"  But the printout came in handy for those short turns.  (You see, that lady on the phone app can't talk fast enough.)  

After 13-14 hours on the road, we finally met Nicole, our long time blogger friend.  Finally, face-to-face, "damn, you are real" moment.  And we stayed at the Plains Inn.  Talk about quaint!!  Seven rooms, each with its unique and authentic design, based on decades from 1920-1980.  Leanne took 1970, otherwise known as the presidential suite, and I stayed in the 1950s room.  How adorable is this!  And there's so much more history to this building.  I'll save that for another time!!

And there is a community room where we had a continental breakfast, coffee and good chat with other guests.  I had such a wonderful chat with a gentlemen who came into town to deliver the eulogy at the funeral of his long time friend.  And honestly, after talking to so many people in town, we eventually started calling it "the funeral" since everyone in town knew about it!

From the balcony off the community room, you can sit and enjoy the beautiful garden on Main St.  Seriously, if ever there was a place that epitomizes Main Street, this is it!  Captured my heart!!  Want to see more of those adorable rooms?  Check out the Plains Inn website, scroll down and click on each of the decades. Will I go back?  You bet!  I could spend a week in this little town!!  If I was writing a book, this would be my getaway!!  

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Leanne said...

I love seeing your photos, because there is inevitably something that you caught that I missed - and I am so glad! What an awesome start to our trip, don't you think? Love to read you account of things, too, my friend. Hugs!