Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oh, Those Movies of the Season!

Yep, the time has come to see those favorite movies of the season.  The movies that get rolled out this time of year to let you now how much you should appreciate the life you live.  The movies that make you see the wonder of the season in the little faces in your life.  Classics like "It's A Wonderful Life" and "Miracle on 34th Street" and then the more modern movies like "Christmas Shoes" and "Elf".

Last night was one of those movie nights.  Imagine my joy when scrolling thru the Comcast guide I find "The Wizard of Oz" on TBS.  Now, I know that since TBS owns the rights, they air it more than once a year.  That was never the case when I was young.  It was aired once a year, and there were no VCRs with which to record it.  You made time to see it that night!  So I turned it on.  Heck, the house was quiet, my PG was shopping, I was crafting, so why not watch and craft at the same time!?!

My PG came home near the end of the movie.  I told him if there was something he wanted to watch, he could feel free to change it.  (It was a lion part of the movie, and I've never been a fan of the lion).  But no, my PG sort of hung around watching it.  When we got to the part (SPOILER ALERT ---seriously, Peg????) where Dorothy throws the water at the Wicked Witch of the West and said witch melts, my PG says "So, the witch just melts with water?"   

Me:  (slow turn of the head)  Have you never seen this movie?
My PG:  (slight smile)
Me: Seriously, did you never take the time to see this?
My PG: Well, it was on every year, right?
Me:  You're not answering my question.  Have you ever seen this movie?
My PG:  I'm sure I have.
Me: (I think not!)

Well, this certainly clears up things in my little world.  For those of you who have been lucky enough to see Wicked on stage, you understand that although you don't need to know the story of the Wizard of Oz, it helps to further your enjoyment of Wicked. 

It opens up your mind to realize that there are two (or more) sides to every story and that you shouldn't judge things based on the first story you hear.  But I digress. You see, Wicked was the only live musical that PG and I have gone to.  And although he enjoyed the singing, I now know that he didn't fully understand the storyline.   And today, I'm told that girls enjoyed it more because the Wizard of Oz was all about Dorothy...What a guy!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is, by far, the holiday I look forward to most.  Many of my brothers and sisters and their kids and grandkids all get together at my brother's home.  The weather usually cooperates by not being so cold that it goes right to your bones (although it's questionable this year!).  Preparing the meal is half the fun of getting together, since my brother's kitchen is big enough for most of us to hang out. 

It's just such a peaceful time!! 

I am so incredibly grateful for my family.  And when they say that the longest relationship you will ever have in your life is the one you have with your brothers and sisters, it makes me glad to know I have them.  Because no matter what, I know they're there for me. 

Be vocal with your gratitude.  Tell them all how much you appreciate them in your life.  And have a wonderful Thanksgiving. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

To Those Who Protect Our Freedom

It's been about a month since I've posted.  For some reason, I've been unable to come up with anything I felt was blog-worthy.  So without warning, I disappeared!!  To those few who frequented my blog, I apologize for not giving advance notice.  Who'd have thought I'd be that quiet for that long?????
Today, I have a good reason to speak up.  Because today we honor those who served to protect our freedom. 

As I mentioned back in my 2009 Veteran's Day post, my dad, brothers, and uncle who emigrated from Ireland served in the Navy, Army and Air Force.  Luckily, none of them saw combat, even though they served during World War 2 and the Vietnam War, respectively.  That doesn't make the jobs they had any less important.  Even those in the battlefield know they need the behind the line support to keep things running.  But I have to say, growing up I rarely heard any conversations that involved the time they served our country. 

I will admit I don't keep up on topics of the day.  I don't watch the news every day.  When I do hear of a loss of one of our troops, my heart hurts for the family. 

But keeping up with the news from Afghanistan is not what this post is about.  This post is meant to honor each and every individual who took a step forward and said, "I want to defend this country."  Because without them, my kids and grandkids might not be allowed the freedom to say what they think. 

I am so proud to say I am an American. I am so honored to know that millions voluntarily step up to serve to protect us. I'm so privileged to say, openly and from deep in my heart,