About Me

Yes, I know who I am (well, unless you're thinking more philosophically, then I'm clueless!).  But somehow, this doesn't fully describe me. 
  • a mom of a son and a daughter who have managed to become two outstanding adults in spite of what I threw at them as they were growing up,
  • a grandma of three (a.k.a. "Gram" by the 3 year old who just decided to shorten my name, because this kid is just too much on the go to use two syllables when he can accomplish the same thing with one),
  • a significant other to one of the world’s most wonderful guys who I love beyond what words can say, who has stuck with me through many surgeries, three battles with cancer and raising a son and daughter, 
  • a sister to four brothers and two sisters who, together with their spouses and kids, have a most special place in my heart for all that we have endured in our lives,
  • a friend to some of the most amazing people anyone could ask for,
  • a seeker of serenity,
  • and a fellow blogger who just wants to write with the hopes of brightening another's day. 
Just trying to take each day as it comes, making the most of what God has given me, trying to express my gratitude each day before I put my head on a pillow.  Most days, I accomplish that.  Blogging helps me in that endeavor. 

Thanks for stopping by to find out a little more about me.