Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hello Again!!

You know when you just don't feel just right, due to a cold?  You just aren't hittin' on all cylinders? That's me lately.  Not that it's any excuse to not post on my blog, but it's all I got!!!

Last weekend, I ran to Menards to stock up on birdseed/bird products.  I'm figuring if I feed them well now, they will continue to show up in the spring and summer.  Didn't take long before my beloved cardinals found the sunflower seeds and stale cornbread.  The males are the brightest red I've ever seen.  They visit in the morning and at dusk.  I love cardinals!!

I made some pretzel bread this morning.  This is my absolute favorite with my chicken noodle soup.

As requested, LT!!!

I'm hooked up with Instagram now.  My dear friend, Leanne, over at From Chaos Comes Happiness, posted about doing a memory album with her Instagram pictures.  I was absolutely sold on getting it on my Android.  When I'm with the grandkids, I don't want to have my camera get in the way of the fun we are having.  So now, I can just pull out my phone and take a picture of the event.  Yeah, I'm still new at it, but I'll get there.  My only issue is I don't know how to get them from Instagram to my blogger.  So, those cute pics of my grandkids will have to wait.

Never fear, I'll find know I'm a sucker for posting those pics!

The Academy Awards are on now, but they just aren't keeping me all that I'm heading to bed.  I'll check in the morning on the winners.

Oh, and I went to a purse party today.  One where you pick the fabric and purse style.  Once that comes in, I'll post a picture of that, too!