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Creating journals from composition notebooks.  Lots o'fun.  Just a little time.  HUGE score on satisfaction meter!!!

Now jumping into art journaling, I've completed my first journal page.  This is a process that I find is best if I sleep on it for a while.  I first did this and thought it was complete: 

And when I woke the next morning, I realized it wasn't.  Something didn't feel right.  And I realized that obsessed means can't do that with only one picture.  So when I got home from work, I immediately got to work (if you can actually call it work) fixing it.  Here's the result.

Art Journal-Jan 2011
  I like it so much better.


I've had a lot of fun taking some Big Picture Scrapbooking classes.  Last year, I joined "Yesterday & Today" with Ali Edwards.  I learned a lot about Photoshop and how it will help you make the most of your pictures and layouts.  This was the intro page for an album we did for the class.

Another class I took was "Celebrating Our Pets".