Saturday, February 4, 2012

Zendoodling & More

It's been a busy week, but when I got a chance, I spent a little time creating.  Nothing specific in mind, just looking at how much time I have and figuring out what I can do in that time. 

I saw this super sized yogurt container on my kitchen counter and claimed it as mine before my PG did.  Mod Podge was close, so I grabbed some papers I liked and started the cover up. 

Right now, I think I might use this for my paint brushes after I toss a few glass pebbles in the bottom, but that's not in stone.  That's why I haven't finished decorating it.  But at least I'm doing something!!

And then, I found out about zendoodling.  And created this: 

It's not much different than doodling but instead of using it as an escape, you use it for relaxation.  And it is relaxing.  No erasers, just markers, go with the flow. 

What I really love about it is that you get a different effect when you flip it.  Turn it one way, it's peaceful.  Turn it another and you get the feeling something's not right. 

Hmmmm...Maybe I'm thinking way too deep on this zendoodling.  I think I'll just sit back and enjoy.

Have a happy weekend!!  Enjoy the time you spend creating!!