Life's Little Chuckles

Conversation between 3 1/2 year old grandson and Grandma, discussing the work done on the walls in Mommy & Daddy's bedroom --
Cormick: Grandma, I helped Daddy put that blue tape on the walls.  I scissored it.
Grandma: Why did you put tape on the walls?  Were they broken? 
C:  No, I helped Daddy.  He pulled the tape, I scissored it.  He pulled the tape again, I scissored it.  And (complete with Vanna White hand gestures), we did the whole room.
G:  But were the walls broken?  Is that why you had to put tape on the walls??
C:  I'm going to help Daddy paint.
G: OH, so you were putting the tape up so you could paint???
C:  Yes, and this is the color (tap, tap, tap the top of the can with thumbprint of color).
G:  Oh, that's a nice green.  And how neat that it's your favorite color!!
C:  It's not really green. 
G:  Well, it does look like it might have a little grey in it.
C:  Yes, a little grey, a little blue.  But it's not really green.

As my 3 year old grandson opened a Star Wars figurine, his dad was joking that it couldn't be for GS, since it was for ages 4+. So I teased GS that it was really for Dad. Later, when Dad reminded GS to thank Grandma, GS suggested to Dad, "YOU should thank Grandma, too."