Thursday, November 24, 2011

The ABC's of Thanksgiving

If the only prayer you said in your whole life
was "thank you", that would suffice. 
- Meister Eckhart

Wishing you a restful day, filled with family and friends and good food and fun.  And here's my ABC's of Thanksgiving.  Since I wasn't able to come up with all of them on my own, I enlisted the help of my grandson, Cormick.  He's quite helpful when it comes to ABC's. 

Abundance & Appreciation
Bread (homemade) & Broccoli Casserole & Butternut Squash & Bailey's
Cranberries & Corn & Celebration
Desserts & Dressing (thinking of my Texas family)
Everyone gathers together & Early June Peas (that's for you, Jerry)
Family & Friends & Feast
Gratitude & Gravy & Green Bean Casserole
Happy Thanksgiving & Healthy Living
Jams & Jellies
Kin & Killing animals for food (thank you for this one, Cormick!)
Living (not just existing)
Mashed Potatoes
Nuts (family and otherwise)
Orange leaves & Orange candles
Pumpkin Pie
Quail (for some, not for me)
Roasted corn
Sweet Potatoes & Stuffing
Thanks & Turkey
Venison (not in our family, but at the first Thanksgiving, according to Cormick)
Whoopie pies (my new pumpkin favorite) & Wine
Xcited to be with family (don't judge me. I challenge you to come up with something better??)
Zzzzz (once the L-Tryptophan kicks in)

Thanksgiving day comes, by statute, once a year; 
to the honest man it comes as frequently as the heart of gratitude will allow.
- Edward Sandford Martin

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Are You Prepared to be Wrong?

Are you familiar with TED?  It's a non-profit that is dedicated to spreading ideas.  (When it first started, the focus was on Technology, Entertainment, and Design).  Their mission is to spread ideas.  It's grown.  It covers just about any subject you are interested in.  Check it out at Most are very entertaining and usually funny.

Lately, I've been sort of hooked on watching the videos regarding education.  My daughter and I have had a number of discussions on how best to educate her kids.  Although she's an elementary school teacher, she finds that she's exploring ideas on alternative options for her own kids.  I like that she's open minded enough to consider different things. 

Anyway, these TED presenters usually present for 20 mins.  The latest one I found was Sir Ken Robinson. 

In this particular discussion in 2006, he talks about how kids aren't afraid of taking risks.  They aren't afraid of being wrong.  And what he says is, "If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original."  And when we get to adulthood, we have grown to be afraid of being wrong.  So companies are run that way.  And now education is becoming that way.  Largely, in part, due to legislators who decide that certain test scores are required to prove that a school is doing its job.  So teachers and schools teach to tests instead of teaching to interests. 

Sir Ken talks about how having a degree now isn't necessarily what it meant 10, 15, 20 years ago.  It used to mean that if you had a degree, you had a job.  Not anymore.  We know there are plenty of kids who graduate with B.A.'s and M.A's and have to live with the parents because they can't find a job.  And by then, creativity has been taught right out of them. 

Now, I'm not saying that school isn't necessary.  It is.  But what we should never forget is that creativity is necessary, too.  If you have ever interacted with a 4 year old with a crayon in his/her hand, you'll know the discussion about "coloring within the lines".  And no doubt you know and/or pondered the controversy about it.

I am one of those people who cringe whenever I hear the proclamation, "We've always done it that way."  No doubt uttered by those who are just to afraid to be wrong.  How about you?  Are you prepared to be wrong?

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Smile for Today

What's not to love about this smile?  Contagious, isn't it??

So many languages in the world, and a smile speaks them all. 
(Author unknown)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween - Revisited!

Last night, I got to experience Halloween thru the joys of a 4 year old.  THIS is what Halloween is all about.  Mom and kids went door to door with neighbor kids and I stayed back at their place to hand out treats.  Here's a good place to note that everyone who came to the door was dressed in costume, nobody over the age of 15 showed up, and most were very courteous.  Parents waited at the end of the driveway, waved and said thank you as well.  How VERY refreshing to experience this blast from the past!!  SO different from my neighborhood experiences.

Anyway, by the time Spiderman got back from his door to door escapade, Daddy was home.  Daddy and I got to witness the biggest grin (seriously, ear to ear) and the best story about what it was like going out trick or treating.  Oh, to have had the video camera ready.  But that might have ruined the moment.  Thankfully, it's burned in my memory. 

"And Grandma, some people said,
'take one' and some people said,
'take two pieces'". 
Break me off a piece of that
Kit Kat bar.

Even Wonder Woman needs
a little snuggling!

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.  And yes, Peggy, there is a fun part of Halloween.  And I got a glimpse of it again, with my two little super heroes!!