Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

Today, we honor those who have given their lives to protect our freedom. 

Today, we recognize that there are some of our friends and neighbors who have dealt with the loss of a son, daughter, father or mother in this protection of our freedom.
And although Memorial Day is thought by some to be the "start of summer", let's not forget to express our gratitude for those who have fallen in protection of us being able to stand tall and embrace our freedom. 

God bless our men and women serving to protect our freedom!

God Bless America!

In my journeys of the blogosphere today, I came across this one paragraph from 37 days and I wanted to share this with you.  A special thanks to Patti Digh, author of the blog referenced: 

So many of us have never fought for the freedoms we enjoy; in fact, we don't even recognize that they are freedoms, but feel they are just how life is, should be. We won't fully understand that they are not ours just for the breathing, not until they are gone, will we?

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Ms. A said...

God bless them... amen.