Sunday, July 15, 2012

Playing with Food

You know how you were raised to never play with food.  Well, my little sister invited me over to play with food yesterday.  Well, it was more like, "create" with food.  Her friend was having a camping themed party and my sister thought it would be fun to put together some candies that remind you of camping.
So, we had hot dogs,
Circus peanuts, caramel candies,
yellow icing and green gummies.
and hamburgers,
Vanilla wafers, Keebler grasshopper
cookies (like Girl Scout Thin Mints)
yellow, red and green icing.
and bacon and eggs.  
Pretzel sticks, white chocolate, yellow M&M

All for the sweet tooth!!  Oh, and of course, mini tootsie rolls for the campfire logs. Didn't take long, and it made a cute tray.

And I got to spend a little time with my little sis.


Ms. A said...

That is totally adorable and since I love sweets, I'd have no problem helping you test your creations!!!

Anonymous said...

They were a hit! There were none left. Thanks big sis for all your help!

Leanne said...

Holy cow!! this post has my name written all over it! I love the creative goodies, Peggy!!!! WAY TO GO!!!

Geri said...

These are totally awesome Ms. Peggy! What fun!

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, my gosh! Too cute!