Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tastes Like Chicken

Sometime earlier this year, I set out to try something new each week and then blog about it.  Yeah, know how that's gone so far. But having an early dinner with friends on Saturday, I had an opportunity to try something new.  Wait...I'm getting ahead of myself.

Leanne over at From Chaos Come Happiness was participating in a craft fair at her old high school in Burbank.  This craft fair was HUGE!!  Some of it run of the mill craft stuff.  Nothing to compel us to buy.  Well, except for a couple of things.

Like this artwork by Leanne.

I must be in red phase, because I seem to gravitate to red lately.  (I'll bet a shrink would have an answer for that!!).  Actually, my PG saw it as soon as we walked in and asked me about it.  So I think he fell in love with it first. And, of course, I needed more altered journals!  For me and for gifts.  And the cutest picture frame!  Also a I can't show you here.  But take a side trip to Leanne's Etsy shop to see what she has.  You're sure to find something!!

And then there's this glass necklace/earring set made by Liesa Davis at Jewels2U.

PG loves when I have jewelry that makes me happy.  And I walked past it three times, but kept coming back to it.  If I find the right outfit, I might accessorize with this for a wedding I'm attending in December.

So after the craft fair PG and I went to an early dinner with Leanne's sister, LT and her husband, CT (a.k.a. SB during our Scrap Cellar days).  We had to check out Chuck's Southern Comforts Cafe, which was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. And this is where I tried something new...Fried Alligator.

Yep, I tried it.  And here's proof that I tried it.

And because they bread tastes like chicken.  Only chewier.  Worth it?  No.  But at least I can say I tried something new!  



Ms. A said...

Congrats on the finds and I'm sure you'll find something wonderful to go with the jewelry.

My kids order alligator when we go out to eat seafood. That's NOT my idea of seafood, but they love it and I have tried it... BUT I'M CHEAP and I also don't eat enough to order an appetizer, usually, unless it's shared.

scrapwordsmom said...

I had alligator was just like chicken!! LOL! Leanne's craft fair sounded like a success and I am sooo happy for her. Where are you gonna put the piece you bought?? It is cute and so Leanne!

Laura said...

LOL!!!! Yes it did taste like chicken, only a little more rubbery. I am very proud of you for trying it!

Rachél - Creativity Tribe said...

Peggy, thanks for sharing on Creativity Tribe. It took me a few days to get back to you, but I am glad I did. Love your blog. It is fun and inspiring. Let's stay connected!