Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Party for a 4 yr old!

My Little Miss is turned 4 earlier this month.  Today is her family party.  When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she told me she wanted a "Bahbie."  Yes, she has a bit of a Boston accent for some reason!

And being a grandmother, I naturally want to get her what she wants for her birthday.  But I gotta tell ya...I struggled with this one.  Back 50+ years ago, when every other girl in the neighborhood had one, my sisters and I never had a Barbie doll.  And we didn't suffer any.
No, this is not Little Miss.
This is a Pick Your Plum ad.
But don't you just love these tutus?

My daughter never wanted one.  She was never into dolls.  She had one baby doll, a Cabbage Patch baby. This was one conversation about her doll.
Me: "Honey, what's your baby's name?"
Her: "Rob"
"Just Rob?"
"Yes."  That was it.  Cut and dried.  She just wasn't a doll kinda kid. She wasn't a girlie girl. I actually kind of liked it. She was tough.

So when Little Miss asked for a Barbie doll, I gotta say, I cringed. And I asked her why she wanted a "Bahbie."  Silly could I not expect this answer.  "Because I want one."  Oh. (Little Miss is most definitely a girlie girl.)

So I went and got her a Barbie.  And I looked at it for a couple of days.  And I couldn't get excited about it. So I emailed her mom and asked if I could instead get her dress up clothes. And my daughter, who didn't wear pink from the time she started to choose her own clothes until one day when she was in college and realized that she needed to send me a picture because I wouldn't believe she was wearing pink, thankfully said she'd prefer the dress up clothes. She realizes that her daughter is girlie girl through and through.  No sense in fighting this one!!

And my sister thinks Little Miss might be channeling June Cleaver. She's helping Mommy clean the counter, but check out the pearls and bracelet!  Yep, just like June Cleaver!

And for the birthday "cake," Little Miss asked for brownies. With a little bit of green frosting. So I decorated it as inspired by the card I made for her. Yes, the writing leaves something to be desired, but at least it's homemade!

I'm looking forward to her party today.  She can be a little precocious crazy kid, or she can be as sweet as can be.  You never know til you get there!!

Happy Birthday Little Miss!!

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Ms. A said...

I still have my 50+ year old Barbie around here... somewhere.

Happy Belated Birthday, Ava!