Friday, January 1, 2016

Resting "Whatever" Face

I just gotta chime in on this one.  Aren't we all a little tired of political correctness?  Aren't we tired of having to be concerned that a little sense of humor might offend someone?  Are we going to bend over to appease those who want to complain instead of see the humor in something?

I heard today that employees of Goodwill were upset when a company memo went out to advise the employees of the appropriate reactions and emotions to display with customers.  And the memo showed pictures of Kanye West with various emotions displayed.  Wait, it's easier to show you...

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Now many of you are aware that this is derived from the ever popular RBF, a.k.a., Resting Bitch Face."  C'mon, you all know at least one person who has an RBF.  You know the kind.  You are explaining something to them, and they look like they're upset with you, right?  But they're not pissed.  It's just their resting bitch face.

I fear we, as a society, are losing our sense of humor.  We are always hearing about some group of people who are offended about something.

Lighten up, People!!  Live and let live!  Enjoy this incredible world we live in and see the humor in things.  More often than not, others are not trying to piss you off!! So don't take it that way!

Happy New Year!  Make this a safe, prosperous, and humorous 2016.  Y'know, if you find the laughter, you'll find the love!!  And this world needs as much love as we give!

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Ms. A said...

People frequently as me if I'm mad. No, it's just my RBF.

Happy New Year!