Friday, December 25, 2009

The Joy of Gift Giving - Part II

While finishing last minute shopping on the day before Christmas Eve, I found a stocking that practically screamed, "TAKE ME HOME WITH YOU." Although I initially resisted, I finally talked myself into it (or rather the grandmother of 7 sales clerk convinced me). Yes, it was totally an impulse buy. But you see, my younger grandson has recently found the wonderful world of Star Wars. And as if looking to capture my heart (yeah, like he even needed to try), his favorite character is also mine...Yoda.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I couldn't have felt more joy in giving this gift. Watching the excitement in his face as he enjoyed it was just about the best gift I've ever received. And although I still have a couple more Christmas get togethers to attend over the next couple of days, it is difficult to imagine that I will experience anything more satisfying than watching the excitement on my grandson's face.

I hope your Christmas Day turned out exactly the way you wanted it to be. Mine was!


Leanne said...

Oh, PEGGY!! I can't believe how BIG Mr. C is!!!!!!! I Love the video - it is absolutely wonderful to see him in action, and I know that this socking is going to be his very favorite Christmas decoration for years to come. GOOD Job, Grandma!!!!

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Leanne! He said it's his favorite when I asked him!

And, we've hung it on his bedroom door as a reminder not to come out in the middle of the night-as he's been doing for weeks now- and we just have Night 2 of Cormick staying in his room! I really think it's Yoda's presence. He hardly even cried- best night of sleep we've ALL gotten in weeks (even the wee babe -she didn't have her usual 3am dance party in my belly). Thanks, Mom!!!