Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Health Care Reform Bill

Seriously, the bill is 2310 pages long (yes, the geek in me downloaded it!!!), and they were adding things the day before it was voted on.  Do you honestly think that any one of them read the darn thing??? 

For that reason alone, be afraid.  Be very, very afraid!!!

EDIT to post:  Now that the bill is signed, I was able to pull up more info so I want to correct my "rant".  The bill number is H.R. 3590 and the final page count is 906 pages (the working document was 2400+ pages).   Beyond that, I still stand by my comment about being afraid.  You and I both know that no one read the bill before voting on it.


scrapwordsmom said...

I AM afraid. I have wanted to shout out my 2 cents worth on this but for fear of offending...I haven't. Thank you for posting something about this.

My hubby and I are small business owners. We are scared to death. We don't have health insurance because we can't afford it...yet we are now going to be PENALIZED for not giving it to our employees. As of this week I am back in the store so we can lay our workers off. Yep, unemployment is going to go through the roof!!

Ok, no more ranting...sorry.

Leslie Miller said...

Do any of them ever read any of the bills? It's difficult to imagine how something might be good for the country as a whole when you're one of those who will be hurt at the offset. I'm hoping the long term effect will be beneficial, perhaps in a trickle down kind of way. I'm tying to be open-minded, but not naive. I'll save my ranting for the livingroom with my husband as a sounding board. Serenity now!

Bill said...

Get active and educated is my response. Ensure that our children realise they can make a difference. Don't expect a different result in the future if we continue the same actions today.
Don't expect a leopard to change it's spots.
And lastly don't ever give up!