Sunday, April 11, 2010

It Doesn't Get Better Than This!

Yesterday, we celebrated two birthdays.  My son, daughter, three grandkids and my PG, all got together to celebrate one belated birthday (Happy Birthday, Jim!) and one birthday coming up this week (Happy Birthday, PG!).  Because these two birthdays are only a couple weeks apart, and due to everyone's busy schedules, we usually combine the celebrations.  My daughter chose a kid friendly place where the kids could make their own personal pizzas.  My Pi (the name actually uses the Greek symbol for 3.14159265--how cute!!) was very accommodating and we truly had a lot of fun.  As I was taking pictures, the manager offered to take a group picture.

The absolute best part was when I looked at my two grandsons making faces at each other, my son & daughter chatting away about music, PG sitting next to me, and my granddaughter sleeping in my arms.  At that moment, I said to myself, "This is my life.  And I couldn't ask for more."

I am so incredibly blessed.  I absolutely adore my kids and (what's a word that goes beyond adore?  where's my thesaurus??)... well, let's just say I'm head over heels in love with my grandkids.  And PG truly is the love of my life. 

I just wish this for everybody.  Many times, when you really take a step back and look at your life, you'll find it's the little things that offer the greatest blessings.   So tell me, what makes you feel blessed today?


Theta Mom said...

I totally agree - it IS the little things in life!

Welcome to TMC!!!!

Anonymous said...

what a great pic!!! How wonderful to be in love with your life. Who could ask for anything more???

Anonymous said...

You can SEE the happiness on your face in that picture. It was a wonderful time. :)
Love ya.

lisleman said...

hi Peggy I came over from FB.
You are so right about enjoying family and the simple times together.
Drop over to A Few Clowns Short.
Not really any Airfone stuff posted anymore but I have a few followers.
thanks - take care.

Heather @ Gerber Days said...

Hello there! Found you on TMC. Welcome, and I think you will really enjoy being part of the community!

I would have to agree with you, that it's the little things that offer the greatest blessings. ;)

My little girly definitely makes me feel blessed EVERYday!

New follower. ;)

Anonymous said...

You can see the loving family bond in each face of the picture. All of you are truly blessed with love and family! The picture captures everyone's happiness! Absolutely love it! Happy Birthday to Jim and George!!! Love ya, Murph

Leanne said...

PK - this is such a WONDERUFL PHOTO!!!! I love it!!! Can't wait to hear about the day!

Leslie Miller said...

You are, indeed, very blessed, Peggy! It's this very thing that makes me feel blessed, as well. I had one of those days Saturday with the family around me. Even the grocery shopping, cooking and baking for those I love is an act of joy. Add to that those moments I stand in the garden and see Spring sprouting, or walk into the woods and smell the wet earth, look up through the trees, step away from the self-imposed stresses of man... I think you get my drift. Beautiful picture of you and your family!