Sunday, May 2, 2010

Celebrating Our Pet

Saturday, I celebrated National Scrapbooking Day by getting together with some of my most inspirirng "sisters" in the Scrap Cellar.  Always a good time, usually involving chocolate!
I've been working on a scrapbook about our buddy, Barney.  Barney is about 15 years old, starting to move a little slower, makes a bit more noise when climbing the stairs, but I gotta tell ya, not a day goes by that this little fella doesn't show us he loves us. 

When I recently found a class at Big Picture Scrapbooking that celebrates your pets, I decided to sign up for it.  SO, so glad I did.  The class encourages you and gives you prompts to develop pages on what your dog has taught you.  Here are some pages:

And a couple more:

We are so incredibly lucky to have Barney in our lives. 

Do you have a pet that brightens your view of the world?? I'd love to hear your story!


Anonymous said...

I love these pages. You are evolving as a scrapbooker. I guess I love the pages more because I love the subject!! Good Dog!!!

scrapwordsmom said...

What great scrappy pages!!

We have our sweet little mini pom "Gizmo". Love him to pieces. No matter how bad I feel...Gizzy makes me feel better:)

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, Peggy... you tugged at my heart strings. I love the theme of your pages and especially love the subject. We're creating memories with our Wally -- almost a year's worth already -- and learning much from him. Fifteen years is a good long time to have Barney in your family. He's grown up with your children. Our dog before Wally (an unbelievable 15 yrs ago) was so precious, it still breaks my heart to think of him. We got him as a puppy when our son was 6 yrs old, and he died when our son was 18. It was as though our son had lost a brother. He hardly knew a life without his big, beautiful Otto. Oh, I'm getting sad all over again. I must give Wally a hug and get all warm and happy again. The love just never goes away. Thank you so much for sharing a little about your Barney!

Laura said...

PK - We love Barney!!!!!!!!

Leanne said...

The top photo, with the sun shining on his dear face, is so beautiful, peg!!!! I LOVE how this whole project came out - so Great!

Do I have a pet story? Well ... not really (never grew up with a dog). Although, my next door neighbors have a little beagle named Sally. Sally ALWAYS ventures into our yard every morning (she can get under our fence). I'll be sitting at my table drinking a cup of coffee, and here comes Sally. I just look and smile at her (sometimes I say, "Sally - time to go home.") and she'll politely turn and retreat to her yard. She is the sweetest and more adorable pup. A few times (gulp) I've thought, "I think I'd like a doggie, just like Sally!" Great post, friend!

ornma2 said...

This is a great post, Peg, Barney looks good for his age...he's had a good long life...truly a "lucky dog". It reminds me how much joy Bo brought to our lives. Love the pictures os him!