Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 Word of the Year Review

 Hard to believe it's been a year since I selected my Word of the Year.   Inspired by Ali Edwards, and nudged by my friend Leanne, I began this Word of the Year journey in 2009.  Ali E. says it like this: "A single word can be a powerful thing. It can be the ripple in the pond that changes everything. It can sharp and biting or rich and soft and slow...One little word can have big meaning in your life if you allow yourself to be open to the possibilities." Tangible, intangible, feeling, thought, emotion.  It can be any of those.
Charm by Lisa Leonard Design
 My first word was Gratitude.  That word and the gift of a word charm from Leanne helped make it a gratitude-filled year.  What's nice is that this word had such an impact on my life, that I literally saw a shift in how I look at things, how I react to things.  HUGE impact!
Found at a little out of the
way place in Arkansas
My 2010 word is Serenity.  I had a much more difficult time searching for serenity in my life this year.  Mostly because I didn't focus on the word as I should have.  Oh, there were spurts.  And how wonderful those were.  But overall, not so successful with increasing the serenity in my life.  

So here we are, just a few steps away from entering 2011.  It seems like only a couple years ago that we went thru the Y2K craziness.  It's now time for me to choose my 2011 Word of the Year.  I've got it and will share it with you before we wrap up 2010.

So what will your One Little Word for 2011 be? 


Laura said...

Oh the pressure in on now! I have no idea what word to select for 2011. What did you say your word was again (for 2011)?? Care to give me a little hint? :)

Tracy said...

Ummm, definitely will have to give that great thought. I truly like the concept and it seems so much more 'manageable' than a New Year's REsolution that I always bomb out on...
Now, about that word 'serenity' perhaps it is a good time to re-cycle it and add it to the top of your 2011 list?

Cindi aka Ericksoc said...

Hmmmm....what is your word going to BE? I'm on pins and needles - thanks for visiting today :)

scrapwordsmom said...

I love that necklace Miss Leanne gave you!! What a treasure:)

I can't wait to see what your Word is. I think I know what mine is and will share by Friday on my blog.

Thank you so very much for the sweet card!!! Made me smile so much!!!!

I appreciate you and hope to meet you when I meet Leanne this new year:)


Leanne said...

What a great great post, Dear PK!!! I LOVE IT!! You have had some fantastic words and I have to say, from my observation, you've done quite well with them.

I'm going to post my word later tonight and will be setting up a linky at the end of my post to link your "word post" to it, if you wish ... so check it out whenever you are ready!!!