Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Hate the Cold!!

Here in the Midwest, we are in the middle of winter.  Yes, I know the calendar says not yet.  I know the official start of winter is December 21st.  But Mother Nature has a different idea. 

And as I sit and look at the temperatures on Weather Channel, I can't help but shiver!!  You see, I really hate cold weather!

You will never find me on a ski slope or an ice rink.  I will go out and shovel snow, but I'm not gonna be happy about it.  I will even go out and help my grandson build a snowman.  Not for long, but I'll do that.  There's nothing about being cold that I find appealing.  I can actually get creative with chattering teeth!  Yeah...I just hate the cold!!

So how ironic is it that when I make my Christmas cards each year, the theme is LET IT SNOW! 

Let It Snow 2007-2010
These are some of the cards I've made over the last few years.  I enjoy making them, but there have been times that I made 'em but never mailed 'em.  Don't ask me why.  I have no idea!!

So why do I make let it snow cards when I hate the cold?  Simple...I love the beauty of a snowfall.  I love how quiet the streets get when there's about 2 inches on the ground.  It's one of the most peaceful moments I know.  
The Weather Channel forecast
at 5 a.m. this morning

I'm not going to pay attention to the forecast for today.  Instead, I'm going to focus on the calm and peaceful feelings I get when I think about a blanket of snow covering our area.  And I'll just pretend that someone else has to shovel it.   

I think I'll go address some "Let It Snow" cards.  Maybe I'll get them mailed before Christmas!!

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