Monday, January 3, 2011

Taking Life's Side Trips

Don't you just love spontaneity??

In my two weeks off, I've been working at simplifying my life.  That means boxing up and bagging up all the things that really don't need to be in my home anymore.  And some of the toys and books I've "found" have been here since my oldest grandson was a toddler.  They'll have a better home elsewhere.  So some of them seemed appropriate for my daughter's home or for the daycare her kids attend. 

My intent on Sunday was to drop off these toys and books and get back home for more boxing and bagging.  What a wonderful surprise when my 3 year old grandson invited us to the River Trail Nature Center.  Although it was windy enough to be bitter outside, they do have an exhibit room and playroom.  We were able to play some games, sit in a fox's den, use my new camera to take some pictures of sparrows and woodpeckers and turtles, OH MY!! 
"This is a cardinal.  It's my favorite bird."

Cheating at fishing game.  (I'll get him next time!!)

Coming in for a landing.
Hope there's room at the feeder!

Turtles sunning themselves under the sun lamp.

That's a woodpecker hanging upside down. 

Who's watching who??
SIL says that sparrows are boring.
I think they've got some magnificent colors!!
In the Fox Den with another visitor.

Watching for deer and coyotes.

Today, Ali Edwards' post is "Long Live Spontaneous Adventures."  I happen to agree. 

Life is Good!!


Leanne said...

PK!!! I read this one with a big ol'smile on my face! What a FANTASTIC way to spend the day! LOVE all parts of this .. and the cardinal - that Mr. C. is one special boy! (Tears in my eyes, so so sweet!)

Laura said...

Great photos (and a great post!) I've got to show this one to CT!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of the birds in flight around the feeder. What setting did you have it on???