Saturday, January 29, 2011

I Danced With My Dad Last Night

Last night, I danced with Dad.  It was a short dance, and I'm not entirely sure I remember the tune.  It was a lovely dance, where I did not attempt to lead (bad habit I have) and Dad took me in his arms and lead me around the dance floor as if we'd been partners in Dancing with the Stars all season.  When we were done, he asked me if I liked to dance to songs like the one that played.  I told him I did.  Afterward, we sat on a couch and he asked if I would make a "cover for a wedding dress" for Sue.  Not sure who he was referring to, but I figured I'd find out if I just let him talk.  Unfortunately, that didn't happen.  I woke up. 

My Dad passed away in 1975.  But every once in a while, I get a visit in my dreams.  This was the first time we've danced during his dream visits.  I woke up feeling refreshed, a bit melancholy, but at peace.  Ah...there's that serenity I was looking for!!

Do you ever have vivid dreams about someone who's passed?  Do you ever wonder whether it's a spirit visit to tell you all's well or whether it's a need that you have to talk to that person that brings them to your dreams?  I can say that visits from my Dad almost always leave me feeling calmer about my world.  So I choose to think that my guardian angel realizes my need for reassurance and shows up just when I need him.  What could be better than that?!? 

I'm thinking I'm going to have a great day today.  I'm going to get a lot done.  Now if I can just figure out why I woke up with "United We Stand" by Brotherhood of Man playing in my head!!!


Bill said...

It's good that you got to visit with your Dad. I'm envious of you. Guess there is no reason to try to understand why...just enjoy, remember and cherish.

lisleman said...

I can't that song ever got stuck in my head. I had to look it up and after watching a youtube clip, I did remember it.
I love dreaming and often remember them. I've had dreams of my gone but not forgotten parents but I seem to have dreams of my kids (all doing well) more often. Many dreams have unknown people in them or even tigers (I did post on that one).
The spirit world is a mystery for sure.
all the best

Debbie said...

Funny, but I dreamed about my parents' old neighbors this past week (two days in a row - two different neighbors). Neither dream had a hint of Mom or Dad in them. Yet both left me feeling wistful for days past and possibly confused about why twice in one week. Today I'm certain my folks sent the dreams. Life is good and they're always part of it. How lucky for you to enjoy another dance with your Dad. Very sweet.

Laura said...

Oh Peg, what a great dream!!! And I agree with Bill - don't worry about trying to understand it, just enjoy, remember and cherish it!

Leanne said...

Oh, PK. I love this dream. I've had one like this with my own Dad before, and while it the dream was years ago - I remember it so vividly as if I just woke up from it. It was one of the best dreams I've ever had - and I long for it again.

Thanks for sharing this dream with us. I hope that the serenity stayed all day.

scrapwordsmom said...

Peggy, I have had dreams just like this. I lost my Dad back in 1996. I was just 29 and he was just 59. I KNOW he is watching over me.:)

Thank you so much for your kind words about my Little. They were comforting:)

Cindi aka Ericksoc said...

I love those dreams. I have dreams that my grandma, who passed away in 1999, drives me all over Chicago. The only problem is, she didn't drive during her lifetime! I have these dreams every once in a while and I have a mixture of happiness to be spending time with Gram and fear of how she's driving!