Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Let It Snow"?? Really??

We, in the midwest, are all saying we are hunkered down for the blizzard of '11.   We actually have no choice.  It's going to take a while for us to even get to the snowblower.  We'll have to shovel thru this

And then clear away this: 

Our little buddy loves the snow, but even he went out for about 5 mins. last night and decided to come back in.  The windy conditions makes it bitterly cold.

But the drifting makes it life-threatening.  Here's the fence between houses.  The fence is a four foot fence. 

And the composter in the back last night

10 p.m. 2/1/11
 and this morning. 

5:30 a.m. 2/2/11

Could be a record breaker.  Might take all of our energy to work on getting out today.  But still it's beautiful!!

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Debbie said...

Loved the comparison shots of the yard - great idea.