Sunday, February 20, 2011

Scrap Cellar Update

Oh, yeah!  It was a great day in the Cellar! 

Celebrated one of the chicks getting published in a national magazine!! OH YEAH!!  Cindi over at So, That's Why does some amazing things with digital scrapping.  And is now being recognized!  This layout  is one of my all time favorites of hers. You can see a bigger version here.  Congratulations, Cindi!!

And for those of you who know Leanne's work (From Chaos Comes Happiness), I've asked her to crank up her Create-o-meter and design a new blog header for me.  Who can resist the incredible work she's does?  You can see more of her artwork at The Adventures of Mr. CT and Me, or at {Words of Me} Project, or Blissful Babble.  Those headers are her work!!

CT (Laura's hubby), affectionately known as our Scrapbook Beeeatch, was extra special sweet.  He made a mid afternoon run to Starbucks for us.  Yes, we are spoiled!!!  Thanks, CT!!

My time spent in the cellar was very productive.  I completed 10 pages (9 of which are shown here) and I couldn't be happier.  Some were pages in progress that just needed some little extras.  And I do need to do some journaling on them (can't do that when I'm with the Chicks, with all the talking we do) so I'll get that done today.  But I'm very happy with what I got done!!  AND, other than the mini-chips in Laura's phenomenal biscotti (oh yeah...she's back in the zone!!) I got by without chocolate!!

All in all, it was a great date.  Don't ya wish guy/girl dates would be as nice??  Have a great Sunday, y'all!!


Laura said...

ok, now that's what I call PRODUCTIVE!!!! Good for you! I was more productive this morning than I was all day yesterday. Still, it was a blast!

Laura said...

Ok, just had to say that I love the new header and I love the new button! Leanne out-did herself on this one!!! Everything is just so YOU!!!!

Tracy said...

I love scrapbooking but have never done anything digitally on my pages. I like the ability to have everything in front of me. I will definitely can't wait to check out the sites you talked of; thanks...

Cindi aka Ericksoc said...

Yay! Thanks for celebrating with me and congrats on getting so much done! It was a productive, soul filling day for me too! Love your new blog look - she did a phenomenal job again!

Tracy said...

Thank you so much for your insight and thoughtful comments on my blog. I have met some incredibly wonderful people since blogging, one being you with great depth and compassion.

You know I think you're right, we can't avoid labels but also in teaching our children to look beyond what they initially see and allowing people to be themselves without any pretenses. You know, being a teacher, we are asked to read files of children before the school year begins but I do NOT do that. Basically, I don't need someone else's opinions of what they thought of little Johnny or little Suzy. I want to come to my own conclusions and thoughts realizing that children are different with each person and give them a chance to be who they are and not who I see them to be on a piece of paper.
Thanks again for your thoughts...they mean a lot to me!

scrapwordsmom said...

LoVE your new look, Peggy!!! LOVE IT! Isn't that Leanne a crafty little chick?;)

Sounds like the Cellar is amazing. You know I am hoping to meet you all in August...would love to see the Cellar!!

And I had no idea about Cindi but honestly I knew it was a matter of time. She is soooo good:)

Have a great day!!!

Leslie Miller said...

I can't believe you got all those pages done! Productive with a capital "P"! Congrats to Cindy, and to you on your fabulous new blog look. You're hanging' with some very creative friends!