Thursday, June 30, 2011

Paper Clips & Random Thoughts

One of the "advantages" of time off to recover is the opportunity to catch up on movies that I might not otherwise watch.  Gotta LOVE Netflix for this!!  One morning I watched a movie titled "Paper Clips". 

A short documentary, Paper Clips tells the story of a middle school in rural Tennessee who set out to better understand prejudice once they studied the Holocaust.  Primarily a non-diverse school (no Jews, no Hispanics and only a few black students), the students tried to grasp how enormous the loss of lives was.  When a student asked what six million looked like, the school set out to get a better understanding.  And their Paper Clip Project was born.  The film is only 83 minutes long but will stay with you for much longer.  I highly recommend this film!

I'm a photo person.  I love photos.  Taking them, looking at them, studying them.  I love when the picture really does tell the story.  Like in this one:  my grandson was so relaxed that he was stroking Grandpa's hair as Grandpa read the book.  Both are totally engrossed and comfortable.

Lately, I've seen photos posted in various places that tell a different story than the words that accompany them.  Have you ever noticed that?  Example:  A photo of brothers and sisters, standing next to each other about 3-4 inches apart, not touching each other.  What's going on there?  I can't imagine a picture of me and my siblings like that.  But I'm a touchy, feely kinda person!!

I've also thought a lot about snail mail lately.  Pre-internet and pre-email, we actually communicated via handwritten notes and letters.  And I can still resurrect the feelings I'd have when I received an unexpected envelope in the mail.  I think I'm going to start doing more of that.  Just randomly send out notes.  Feel free to email me your address if you'd like one!!!  Yeah, I'm thinking that'll be a feel good thing for me to do!  I hope I stay focused with that.


Cindi aka Ericksoc said...

I'll have to check that movie out. I have the Netflix on my Wii. And photos like the one you shared are touching even when you don't know the people in them - you are right, pictures tell a story - I'm going to go through mine today. I have lots of pictures of me and my sister growing up that show the difference in our age that you don't see now that we are adults - it's funny. And those one's with me with my "teenage face" all bored with my mom taking pictures of me....I have a few of Ana that way now....look now you've got me thinking - and that's what I like about you! (You have my address, and I have yours :))

Ms. A said...

I've seen that film! It's a good one.