Thursday, June 16, 2011

Snippets of Thoughts and Catching Up

Yes, I know it's been a while since I posted, and even longer since I came up with my own thoughts.  I can't tell you how many partially started posts I have sitting in my dashboard, but none end up seeing the light of day due to my "perfectionism" getting in the way.

So here are some snippets of what I've been up to lately --

I'm back at work after taking six weeks off after my kidney surgery.  It's a madhouse there, but that's to be expected at this time of year.  Gotta get those kids registered for classes in the fall!!  I am forever indebted to my replacement for those six weeks.  I promise, LS, I'll make it up to you!!!!

During my time off I played with some art journaling and painting.  Don't have a lot of confidence in what I do.  Maybe I need to take one of those online classes that will teach me to let myself go!!

I've got some things planted in the garden.  It's not complete, but this spring weather has just not cooperated enough now that I'm feeling up to planting things.  But thanks to my PG's help in turning over the garden, it's gonna be a beauty this year!!!

Now if I can just keep this little guy away from some of these new plants.  FYI: Blood meal seems to work!! Just don't overuse's high in nitrogen!

And just for my Texas Sisters, here's the cactus affectionately known as the HEW/HaneyBob cactus that gets pushed outdoors each summer.

As many of you may remember, my "word of the year" is SIMPLIFY.  I'm having a rough go of it so, sure enough, one day in my inbox comes and email with a note from the Universe via that gives me the simple words that will be my mantra.  This is paraphrased and it's what I wrote on my whiteboard:

Know what you want
and move toward it every day.

Pretty simple, right?  But isn't that how those who are most focused on their goals work?  And for some reason, it is a stress/anxiety reliever for me.  So that's my phrase of the day for the rest of this year!!

I'm heading to the Scrap Cellar this Saturday and I'm wiggle-butt excited about it.  Last time I was with the Scrap Chicks was the day before I found out about the kidney tumors, so we are in desperate need to get together. 

You may have noticed my new header.  It was decided that I needed a header that got me away from my computer and out into my garden.  My blog header creator extraordinaire, Scrap Chick, and BFF Leanne, over at From Chaos Comes Happiness, created this header with my PG doing his favorite yard thing.  (LOVE the smell of freshly mowed lawns, don't you??).  If you think your header needs a little personalization, Leanne's the one to contact!

At least for the next week or so, I'm soaking up the last few days of "voyeurism" while watching the not so little eaglets practice wing flapping at the Decorah eagles website.  They will probably fledge within a week and I can't tell you how grateful I am that I've had the opportunity to watch them grow from the time they were a couple weeks old.  What a fantastic project they've got going there! 

So that's what's happening in my little world.  I encourage you to stop by the links I've posted today.  There's some good stuff out there!!  And feel free to leave a comment (if Blogger will let you).  Would love to know you stopped by!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Peg, I love this post, updating us on just a few things in your life. Of course, I am so THRILLED that the Scrapbook Cellar chicks are returning for another gathering, because the last time we got together, well... you were not feeling well, and the next day you were in the hospital. This Saturday we have much to celebrate... and we will!!!!! LT

Nicole Abdou said...

OOh.. I really, REALLY need to come visit you guys! :-) I hope you are feeling much better!

Ms. A said...

Love the new header! I know what you mean about the partially started posts. I have 10 that never made it to completion. Actually, they are as complete as they are going to be, just not posted because I wasn't comfortable with them. Not that I've ever been comfortable posting anything. Posting still gives me anxiety.

Glad to hear you are doing well, working, gardening, crafting...