Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dear Online Retailers:

I'm really quite impressed with some of your amazing deals this season.  Really some great pricing.  I can see where you are trying to get your fair share of my Christmas budget.

However, I'm very aware of how much you are charging me for shipping.  And if I think it's unreasonable, you aren't getting my business.

That's the bottom line. 

A Smart Shopper


Ms. A said...

Yep, if they can't get you one way, they'll find another!

Laura said...

Oh, PK, I am right there with you as a smart shopper! I HATE the shipping prices, and if I can't get a good enough deal on shipping (let's say 5 bucks or under) then I hit the "cancel" button as fast as my chubby little fingers will take me.

Leanne said...

amen! I think I need to lower mine. Hmmmmm . . . You have given me much to think about, my dear.

Leslie Miller said...

Here! Here!