Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Start of the Three-Day Weekend

Ahhhh!!!  Saturday!! The beginning of a three-day weekend!  I got an early start in the garden (was it before 7 a.m.??) and my PG came out to help after he got up.  All we got done so today (so far) is weeding.  Because we had a warm spell in March this year, I think my garden decided to take off way early in providing the kinds of growth I don't want.  But now we're ready to dump the compost material on the ground and help make the soil easier to work with. 

So I can't say I have a whole lot of gardeny type pics to show you.  Well, except for the ginormous Mr. Lincoln roses.  They have never opened this big before.  Hmmmm...might it be the up side to last year's garage fire at the neighbor's? 

And I have this rosebush that seems to have all different shades of pink in its roses.  If I keep up with deadheading the old flowers, it will bloom all summer. 

This little guy is one of a whole family living under my hostas.  I usually see them in the morning as I leave for work.  But today, I think the weedless dirt was enticing.  He rolled around in the dirt before making a meal of my azalea that no longer has beautiful pink flowers. 

But most of my entertainment today came from our winged visitors.  Saw these house finches.  She was incredibly vocal with him.  Almost scolding him.

 Next thing you know, he's feeding her.  I guess nagging does work sometimes.

Then I caught these sparrows.  Hehehe...I know what they're doing!!! 

And Mr. Robin decided it was time to get ready for his Saturday night date.  Bathing, primping.  Oh, yeah!!

Amazing how we can take our human behavior and superimpose it on the animal world, don't you think?  Well, at least it's fun to imagine!!

Now, what is not lost on me this weekend is the reason for the extra day off.  No matter how you feel about the current state of our nation and the politics that seem to invade every inch of our lives, we are still a nation that celebrates freedom.  And that would not be possible without the sacrifices made by those who defend us.  Because freedom isn't free.  There's been a huge price paid.  And this weekend is set aside for us to remember those who paid that price. 

Say a prayer of gratitude for a soldier.  And one for his/her family. 
Before you bite into that burger!


Laura said...

PK - CT and I loved these photos! I can't believe you captured the photos of the birds!!!! (Especially the ones doin' the "nasty"!) Great photos!!!!!

Ms. A said...

Great photos! I'm not much for the effort it takes to maintain a wonderful yard, or flowers, but the benefits are definitely there... for you. There won't be any benefits for me, unless I get off my butt and do something, which is why I'll just enjoy seeing yours, cause me getting off my butt ain't likely to happen!

Peggy K said...

I'm more than happy to post pics of the results. At least it gives me a topic!! I gotta tell ya, though, it's getting more and more difficult to git 'er done!!

Leslie Miller said...

Funny how we have bunnies living in the areas near the beach, but nobody around here has them in their gardens. I've always been puzzled by how they don't come off the beach. Your garden pics are beautiful. Really love the birds. There's more to a garden than flowers. Pity I can't grow roses. They're like a deer magnet.