Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Wrap-Up

Here we are at the end of the year that was suppose to contain the end of the world (at least by one interpretation of the Mayan calendar).  I've been a naughty little blogger this year.  It turns out I've only posted 31 times (this makes 32).  I still have 9 drafts sitting in my queue for 2012.  That's at least 9 times I started some thoughts and couldn't wrap it up enough to post.  Actually, there were more times that I started a post in my head and it never made its way to my fingers.

So let's review 2012 according to Peggy:

Family - Enjoyed my grandkids beyond anything I can describe.  I am so blessed!  I'm sure most of my posts in 2012 included something about them.
Work - Got a new position at work.  Perfect timing.  I was ready to be done with that last position.  
TV Downton Abbey -- LOVE it!  Looking forward to the series' return (I believe that's in January 2013).
Got hooked on The Tudors and will likely continue to watch that in 2013.
Sherlock - It's a BBC show (is there a pattern here?).  Unfortunately, I read it won't be back til 2014.
Big Bang Theory - My fave network show.  Excellent writing and acting.
Hobbies - Didn't work on any of them too much this year, and not sure why.  But I've got my bucket list going for 2013 and the hobbies play a prominent role.
Garden - I drew out plans to recreate part of my backyard into a bigger garden area.  Lots more perennials. Should be interesting and fun and will likely take up plenty of time.  I'll also include a whole lot more in the composting arena.
Photography - Ordered a book that will help me understand my camera better.  Got that tip from Ms. A over at Sarcastic Granny about the book, so I ordered it immediately.  I really want to take better pictures!
Word of the Year - My word was TRUTH.  To be truthful, I don't think I took enough time for it to develop into anything this past year.  The word came to me very strong, definitely choosing me, but I just didn't do anything with it.

And now I'm waiting for my Word of the Year - 2013 to show up.  I suspect one of my old words will resurrect itself.  It keeps showing up in ways that make me sit up and take notice.  I'll have to see if that holds true or if another word finds me.  I will keep you posted on that.

That's my mini-wrap-up for 2012.  I hope you have had a great year, and that you are looking forward to 2013 as much as I am.  With that, I leave you this picture of the funniest little girl I know.  This was a photo shoot where Mommy was trying to get a "school" picture of her just like her brother's school picture.
What a ham!!

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2013!!


Ms. A said...

Hahaha, she's adorable and definitely a little ham!

Can't wait for you to get that book and tell me what you think about it and can't wait to see more photos... and posts. Hope you do better with posting in 2013.

"Happy New Year!"

Leanne said...

ahhhhhh!!!!Those pictures make me smile/laugh/super happy!!! Happy New Year, dear Peg. LOVE the recap of life for you this last year . . .but . . . 32 posts?!?!?!?! For shame!! ;) Here's hoping 2013 proves to be all that you wish, and more!!!! Much love!