Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ava, Dirt, the Cayda...and Other Stuff

My granddaughter loves nature.  She gets that from both of her parents.  This week my daughter posted this picture on Facebook with the following information:
"Among other random sentences, C (this is my 5 year old grandson) typed this morning:  DRT IS MIY LIDOL SISDRS FAFRIT THING TO DO.  And here's a picture to prove it."

He phonetically spelled it out and, in my humble opinion, did a great job.  Can you figure out what it says??

This little girl has always embraced a curiosity about life.  And I couldn't be happier.  Here she is trying to tell me about the cicadas that come out each summer.   
Ava telling Grandma all about the "cayda" she's holding.
Subject:  Movies -
I run hot and cold with movies.  Sometimes there are tons that come out that look to be outstanding.  Other times, I couldn't care less.  Right now looks like a good time to have movie date nights with my PG.  Last night we went to see Flight.  You know how when you see the trailers on TV and you tell yourself that's going to be a good movie, and then it turns out the best parts of the movie are what they put in the trailer.  Well "Flight" isn't one of those.  "Flight" took me by surprise.  I was uncomfortable, I was shifting in my seat. But it's a good story.  And hell, it's got Denzel.  'Nuf said!!

Also want to see "Argo" and "Lincoln."  I'll report back when I get around to seeing those.  Maybe this week...on one of my vacation days!!!!

And now I'm off to an open house at my friend Leanne's from From Chaos Comes Happiness.  This girl's got talent.  And she's channeled it into some amazing Christmas gifts!


Ms. A said...

I can absolutely read it! You wouldn't believe how many I have saved from my kids and grandkids that are very similar.

Ava reminds me of my daughter when she was little, with those blue eyes and dark hair. She (Ava) and my grandson would make an adorable little couple. Hahaha!

Hubby has been trying to convince me to go see Lincoln. I'm not a fan of theaters. Haven't been in one since Ghost came out, over 20 years ago.

Kimberly said...

That is too adorable!

Bou said...

She is so beautiful. I love those pictures!

Leslie Miller said...

Hi, Peggy! I just had to stop in and leave a special greeting. I'm so glad you were there to greet me when I finally posted again. Got to say this post is so darn cute. I could read every word. They say you can pretty much leave out the consonants and this proves it, I guess. Ava is adorable. I love her all dirty. I can relate. Love the green shoe in the first picture, too. I haven't seen any of those movies yet, but hope to see both. Thanks for the recommendation.

Stephanie said...

I could totally read that and it may be the cutest status update ever:)