Monday, April 1, 2013

Post-Easter Catch Up

I have a friend who recently moved to Evanston (IL) and lives about 3 blocks from Lake Michigan.  We've had a few conversations about the beauty of the sunrises she gets to enjoy as she leaves for work.  So very early on Easter morning, I took a ride to her place so that we could photograph the sunrise.  Most of you already know I have this thing about sunrises.

Unfortunately, there were clouds on the horizon so we didn't get to witness the sun popping out of the water.  But fortunately (and unexpectedly), we had an opportunity to capture a different view.  A congregation had gathered for an Easter sunrise service.  They even brought three crosses to symbolize the three crosses at Calvary.  It was beautiful to witness.  Talk about God's glory!!  And as we stood back and watched, one couple arrived late.  Thus, the name given to the picture.  

"The Stragglers"
Easter Sunrise Service 3/31/13
Evanston, IL

Here's your bit of trivia for week.  It came up over the weekend, in a room full of Catholics.  We had to get the answer from the internet, because no one was certain.  The question came up as to why Easter is not on a set date.  It moves around each year, sometimes early, sometimes late.  Y'know why??  It has to do with the spring equinox.  Easter falls on the first Sunday after the full moon following the spring equinox.

Little Miss had her birthday party this weekend.  Daddy put together a game based on one of her favorite characters, Dora the Explorer.  This kid has expressions that just go on and on!!  (I swear she knows that this makes us all laugh!!) -- Thanks for the pics, Aunt Colleen!
Courtesy of Colleen Buti Awbrey
Courtesy of Colleen Buti Awbrey


Ms. A said...

Love your "The Stragglers" photo and the Little Miss is adorable... of course!

Have you gotten much out of your camera/photography book?

Geri said...

Hey Ms. Peggy,
Love the photo by the lake.....and little cutie pie...what more is there to say.....