Monday, April 22, 2013

Celebrating Mother Earth

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Think about what this means.  Holding the earth in your hands. Sort of like you hold a child's face in your hands.  Lovingly.  Tenderly.  

I've been doing some reading about the foods we eat.  The chemicals that are in our food.  The pesticides and herbicides that are not only used as our food grows, but that are engineered to be within the seeds.  Imagine that.  A seed that has the ability to kill off something before it even attacks the plant.  

Doesn't that make you wonder what you really are ingesting?  

Nine months ago, I had this vision of the new look to my garden.  It would have plenty of perennials.  It would be magical.  It would transport me as I walked thru it.  But the more I read, the more I realized I wanted to have more say in what I eat.  So now, the plan is to expand my garden to grow more vegetables.  I picked up seeds that don't have pesticides engineered into them.  Heirloom seeds.  Organic seeds.  Raising the plants in raised beds.  

I would love to see our village start a community garden.  I have the perfect place in mind.  I think it's time I started being a little more vocal about things like this in our community.  

My grandkids will be on this earth for a good many more decades.  I want to do my small part to make this earth a safer place for them to live.  

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 Thanks for stopping in.  Eat healthy!!

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Ms. A said...

If you think there are chemicals in your food, you should research all the chemicals in your daily household products. It's a wonder we aren't dead!

Good luck with the gardening!