Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Gratitude Moment

I SO love daylight savings time.  I love that there's still sunlight when I get home from work.  I love watching the garden for signs.  Watching for the tulips to push their way thru the earth, looking for bits of sun. 

Tulip birth - 2009 Garden

I love that the crocuses show up in the middle of grass.  There's something about it that makes me giddy.

I love the idea of working with the earth to create that beauty. 

I love that there are some things that really need very little attention to get the job done.  They know what to do each year, and they do it. 

I love the colors of spring.  I love that they can be bold or pastel. 

Yep!  Filled with gratitude!  Life is Good!!


Leanne said...

And I love enjoying the beauty of you flower photos, my dear. Love Love Love them! Happy almost spring (although it's 36 degrees and sleeting right now - what the heck is happening! I'm in great need of some SUNSHINE, my friend!)

Ms. A said...

For once, I'm glad to see winter, "went". Spring is springing... but I don't look forward to the heat of our summers, one bit.