Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Letting Go

My last post was about my Dad's birthday on March 5.  Here it is, March 9 and I'm finally posting my next one.  I notice that whenever my blog subject is about my Dad, I tend to keep it up there for a few days.  I wonder if subconsciously, I'm feeling like I would dishonor him by replacing it too soon.  You know the're going through some old papers and you stop to read notes in their handwriting and the next thing you know it's two hours later.  Where did that time go???

Makes me think about how many things in our life we are reluctant to part with because we're afraid of dishonoring a loved one. 
"Don't want to get rid of that sweater...I got that from my Mom." 
Yeah, 8 years ago and I haven't worn it in 7 years. 
"Yes, I know there's a chip in that vase, but I got that from my sister." 
Even though every time I put flowers in it, I can't help being distracted by it. 
"Yes, I know that he builds something for me every week, but my grandson loves to build things." 
Even though when he leaves here, he totally forgets about it. 
"Yes, I know there is weekly artwork on my fridge, but I want him to know how much I love his art."
Even though he forgets what the artwork was all about within days. 

Steak & Shake Artwork by 3 yr. old budding artist
For many years, I suffered from the "Can't let go" syndrome.  And I really do think it had to do with the idea of either dishonoring or forgetting the one that gave me the gift.  But I read once that it's not the thing, it's the memory you cherish.  So take a picture, scrap it or just put it in an album, and continue to cherish without having an unused item cluttering your home. 

That's the whole idea of my word of the year, SIMPLIFY.  And I've been slowly but surely working at simplifying my surroundings.  But I'll admit that it's not easy.  And sometimes I have to wait to be in the mood.  But once I start, I love the results. 

So, why is it so hard to just keep going??


Leanne said...

I never thought about it like this before, PK - the feeling of dishonoring the person who gave it to you. But I completely agree with the idea, and think I, too, have fallen in that line of thinking (my laundry room and basement would agree). I love the idea of taking a picture to remember the moment, and then "Letting Go". Oh, gees, I think I may have to borrow your simplify word for 2012!

Tracy said...

I often think/fear that if I let go of the item, then the memory will fade and that is scary. I too save things from special people; couldn't tell you how many letters and cards I have from my mom and dad because it has their signature on it or their thoughts which can be soothing from time to time. I am all for 'simplifying' but I also know what I need to hold close...
cool post...thanks for stopping by today! I'm glad you did!