Tuesday, March 29, 2011


If you are a regular reader of my blog, or have just had plenty of conversations with me, you know one of my least favorite words in the whole wide world is WORRY. 
Worry defined (from dictionary.com):  To torment oneself with or to suffer from disturbing thoughts; fret.  (doesn't that little guy look like he's fretting??)
(from dictionary.cambridge.org): to think about problems or unpleasant things that might happen in a way that makes you feel unhappy and afraid.
Enough?  Please don't make me get up and get the actual hard cover to look it up!!

To me, the word WORRY is counter productive.  It serves no purpose.  It provides no outcome. 

However, in a conversation with my little sister, some light was shed on this.  Her take is, when someone is worried about someone else, it's more like something of a gift given to the person being worried over.  Sort of like saying, "You have enough to carry on your plate, let me take the worry from you so that you can concentrate on getting done what needs to get done."   Y'know, I kinda like the way that sounds. 

Keeping THAT in mind, I can see where it's okay when people say they are worried about something or someone.  So today I can say I've embraced a little more serenity in my world.  All because of worry!!

How 'bout you?  What are your thoughts about "worry"??


Laura said...

Boy oh boy -- I love this post... your sister is one wise chick. I like her!

lisleman said...

Getting bogged down in worry is no good but then going through life without a care or thought for the future isn't the best either. I think you need to be balanced.

Leanne said...

Sounds like your sister is one COOL little sister. I like little sisters! ;) They are the wisest.

Re: worry . . . yep, I feel it. I've been doing some of that myself this week, for sure. And when thinking of your sisters thought on worry - I must say, I don't mind carrying this extra stuff on my plate right now. Not at all. So, I'm going to keep worrying for just a bit. Until I have nothing to worry about.


Ms. A said...

Worry is the one thing I do well! I have tons of experience. My family wouldn't recognize me, if I wasn't worrying.

Melissa said...

Worry is my middle name! If anything, it forces me to work harder to prevent the possible negative outcome.... interesting thoughts!

Anonymous said...

I think if you care about someone, worrying is inevitable. But I tend not to worry too long or hard because my energy is better spent planning, preparing, doing something about it if it;s within my control or praying about it if it's not. But I agree. Worry = care.

love you

Anonymous said...

Hey Little sister here! Cracks me up that I am thought of as wise especially from my big sister. I guess years makes age differences go away.

Peggy K said...

Funny, Li'l Sis, funny, but true (even though I was not the one to use the word "wise"). ;)

And yes, age differences do fade as we age! And yes, I will ALWAYS be older than you! (I just know you were thinkin' it!!)

scrapwordsmom said...

I am a worrier...my grandma was the Queen, my Mom is, too. They can make themselves sick!!

I try not to worry so much but honestly it is hard. I know once Jacks is driving alone...I will worry like never before!!!

Tracy said...

You know, that is one thing I am not; a worrier. I tend to think about things but if it's not something i can do anything about, I let it go. I spend a great deal of time saying the serenity prayer.