Saturday, April 9, 2011

Some Time in the Craft Cave

I've spent a little time in the cave lately.  You see, the love of my life likes to watch shows I don't.  I'm not into watching murder and mayhem.  But that doesn't mean he shouldn't if he enjoys it!  And we are a ONE TV family.  Shocker, I know!!!

But I finally decided that while he's watching his faves, I can run up to the Craft Cave and play with my faves.  What a satisfying week I've had!!

Leslie at Words of Me Project mentioned an 11 year old friend of the family who suffered a stroke.  They are holding a fundraiser for her and Leslie reached out to her blogger friends for donations.  I'm not super talented when it comes to mixed media art, but I do enjoy making journals.  So I worked on these and will be getting them into the mail on Monday.  I love how they turned out. 

Here's a close up of each of them.   


 So that's what I've been up to lately.  How about you?  What's keeping you busy???


Ms. A said...

I love the journals!!! I used to be big at keeping journals and would have loved to have these, then. Keep up the good work!

Tracy said...

Those are so creative and lovely! Good for you for reaching out and giving of yourself!
It's funny, when the boys are watching TV, I blog, such as right now!
thanks for sharing your lovely creations~

Nicole said...

Why am I just now following your blog?? Geez.. I am slow. :-)

Laura said...

Oh Peg - The journals are FANTASTIC!!!! I love them! What a great gift for Leslie's fundraiser. Glad to spent some creative time in the cave. I was in the Cellar on Friday and I'm heading back down there today!