Friday, April 22, 2011

I Won - I Won!!!!

My blog buddy, Leslie, over at Words of Me Project had a giveaway of some Brave Girl Art that she created!!  Since I'm a regular of her blog, I left my comment!!  Whatdya know!!  I won!!  (Sorry, Leanne, I know you wanted to win, darlin'!) 
I'm looking forward to hanging that reminder in my Craft Cave to remind me I CAN do it even if I've been telling myself I don't know how!!!  And I plan on using the inspiration to help me be brave enough to step outside my comfort zone.
Thanks, Leslie!!


Laura said...

You lucky, lucky dawg! Congrats on your winning... now how 'bout the lottery?????

Leanne said...

HEY!!!! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??? I guess Leslie didn't get my bribe in the mail yet, huh? Darn, a day late and a dollar short! ;)

CONGRATS, PK!!! SO glad for you!!! It is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Ms. A said...