Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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 Last weekend, I got a letter in the mail from the reunion committee of my elementary school.  I attended a parochial grade school in the 'burbs.  We moved there when I was in third grade.  So this letter reminds me that it's been 45 years (okay, so you do the math!!) and that it's time to get together to find out what we we've all been up to.  

When I contacted one of the organizers, I mentioned to her that I'm not sure how effective I'd be in reaching out to people, since I don't feel I was well liked in grade school.  Her words in reply made a lot of sense... "I don't think that you were not well liked.. I think we were all trying to figure out who we each were..I truly feel that we all felt awkward..some of us just hid it better than others...I was just trying to make it through each day.

My oldest grandson is in 7th grade already.  I know he's had his struggles, including dealing with bullies.   It really is an awkward time in kids' lives.  They are still trying to find out who they are, outside of their family environment.  They are still trying to "become" someone. 

So how do you teach your kids that it's okay to be themselves, when they aren't quite sure who they are?  I know it's not a lesson of the week sort of thing.  It's an "all the time, plenty of examples" type of lesson.  A life lesson.  

I work in a high school.  Adults who have survived raising a teenager know that the whole identity thing is pretty much a given in high school.  Rarely, very rarely, do you find a kid who knows who they are, where they're going, and are comfortable in their skin knowing it. I am in awe of those kids and the parents who helped them get to that point in their lives.  So what was their magic formula??

Imagine how rich you'd be if you could just come up with that recipe!!!!!


Leanne said...

Great post PK (Love the pic). I think being a kid/young adult is truly one of the hardest stages in life, and I am always wondering how I can help my girls just "be". At their young ages (4 & 7), I really just want them to be happy. Let everything else go . . . it will all work itself out in time. But that is so hard to get them to believe/understand (especially the 7 year old). The years ahead will be full of much challenge in their minds, and I guess all I can do is be here - listen to them - and try to help guide in the direction of "good". Wow - 45? Are kidding me? That means you must be . . . .. . . ;)

Ms. A said...

I tried hard to convey to my kids and now my grandkids, that school is a stepping stone to life. In the long run, the majority of the people won't matter, once you get out.

scrapwordsmom said...

Hey you wonderfully talented lady!! The journals are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean that sincerely...just gorgeous!!

I have a surprise on my blog for you today!;)