Thursday, July 7, 2011

Finding Peace in Nature

Most of my regular followers know how much I enjoy my garden.  I pester my PG each year to help me get it turned over and ready.  I look forward to getting the plants in as early as possible to get a jump on the growing season.  Gives me more time to enjoy.  There have been years when we've planted the garden and it was just too hot to sit out to enjoy it.  This year the weather was just so rainy and cold that it delayed planting.  But we finally got it planted.
Oh, and now...sitting in the yard, enjoying the birds,

and the bunnies,

and the flowers,

and my new wind chime.


And then I came home after a barbeque over the weekend and found the neighbor's garage totally destroyed by fire. Very sad.  No one was hurt, but they lost family pictures that were being temporarily stored there while they remodeled a bedroom.  And they lost two vehicles. 

And I lost a third of my garden.  Yes, I know it's not all about me and their loss is so much greater than mine.  And I certainly don't want to sound like I'm whining.  I'm not.  I'm frustrated.  And I'm not enjoying sitting in the yard watching those birds and flowers and listening to that wind chime.  But I know it's only temporary.  And a lot easier to fix than that garage!!

Okay, I'm done unloading.  Thanks for listening!!


Ms. A said...

Uh oh... how awful for them and you. Definitely not a good sight to see. Thank goodness it wasn't worse. It's dry as a bone, here. That could have gotten way out of control.

Leanne said...

Oh, sweet PK - I'm so so sorry this happened. All I can say is that now you have a new palette to start with. And while I know that doesn't make it easier - I can only imagine what beautiful things we will see from that very space in years to come. Thinking of you.