Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pros & Cons

Refuse to accept the many reasons why it can't be done
and ask if there are any reasons why it can be done. - Hanoch

Have a happy Saturday!!!


Leanne said...

Great great picture AND quote, Peggy! Great way to start the day!

Ms. A said...

Ha! I gather that little church is non-denominational.

Anonymous said...

@ Ms. A - To be honest, I picked that up after visiting my BFF in Texas. Her hubby had been building her a city of birdhouses. So I came home and started my own city by picking up a church. Yes, it's non-denominational. What gave it away?

Laura said...

OMG - are you frackin' kidding me??? Is this your bird feeder??? CT loves the photo!!!! Great quote too!

Nicole said...

OOOh... cute!