Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Scratching that Creative Itch

Leslie over at Words of Me Project has issued a challenge for us to do some creating every day.  I did do some this past weekend.  I made these:

32 Valentines for Children's Hospital in Detroit

These little cards are headed to Michigan.  You see, Pat over at The Rubber Maid has asked her followers to consider making some cards for kids in the Children's Hospital in Detroit.  Pat's goal is to have 1500+ cards sent to them to brighten their Valentine's day.  To get the full story, visit her blog here.  And if you email Pat the number of valentines you ship out to the hospital, she'll put your name in a drawing for some Flourishes stamps. 

The valentines can be any size or shape. Remember these from your grade school days? 

Courtesy of thedoodleplace.wordpress.com
 There's nothing better than to be able to create something and then give it away.  You've done something good for yourself and for others!!  SCORE!!!!

Have you heard of Pick Your Plum?  Every day they have a special deal that is good while supplies last.  Sometimes it takes a couple hours, sometimes it takes the whole day for the deal to be gone.  But I'm hooked on these deals.  One deal I scored recently was shipping tags.  I used those tags to make the little valentines. 

So that's my creating for the start of the week.  I have this (almost) nagging feeling that I need to put a brush in my hand.  Maybe I'll scratch that itch tonight after work.  I can't say I am creating each and every day, but the thoughts are there!  I'm going to run with that!!

Have a Terrific Tuesday!


Nicole said...

That's really sweet, and they look adorable! Wishing you well!

The Rubber Maid said...

Cute and perfect for the Valentine drive. Many thanks, Pat

Ms. A said...

How wonderful! I'm glad one of us has an itch and isn't afraid to scratch it!

Leanne said...

That's a really great idea and cause for the valentines! Pat is a wonderful lady!!!! And I love what you've made, my friend. GREAT job!

Salmi said...

Impressive but if you could have placed that inner stamp horizontally to give a better and unique look.......
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Peggy K said...

Thanks for your feedback!