Sunday, January 22, 2012

Textured Truth

Maybe you read about it over at Leanne's place.  But I wanted to post here.  Since the Cellar Chicks decided on their One Little Word for 2012, Leanne had this vision.  And we all know that when that chick has a vision, beautiful things result. 

So this is the artwork she created for my word, Truth.  Such lovely texture, and a story behind the creation. 

It's a treat to run your hand over it, feeling all the different textures on one piece.  She posted the "recipe" on her blog and it is inspiring me to make a piece with my previous years' words.  Not that I can match her talent, but I'm loving the inspiration!!

Wouldn't it be nice if some of this showed up in her Etsy shoppe??

I think I'm going to spend part of the day creating.  Something.  Just don't know what yet.  But I scored some sheet music yesterday (Thanks, CE) and it's calling to me!!

Have a great Sunday!


Tracy said...

Peggy, I gotta do that...what a fantastic idea! I realized I failed miserably with my word yesterday...'(be) present' well, I was NOT present because I thought of my Ohio friends all day but I think that it was okay. Now I will have to do this...thanks so much!

Nicole said...

That is such a lovely and thoughtful gift. Leanne is such a talented person! YES - I think etsy shop.

I hope you share with us what you end up making!

Ms. A said...

Go for it! You have the "creative" part covered, for sure.

scrapwordsmom said...

Oh that Leanne....she is a crafty and giving one:)