Friday, September 18, 2009

Random Thoughts

TGIF!! Not that I've had a particularly difficult week at the contrary, it was a week that allowed me time to clean off the mounds of paper from my desk. But sometimes, don't you just want the weekend to get here? No, I don't have anything special brewing. I might just do what I did last Sunday; stay in my PJs and make cards all day. Or I might get out into the garden and pull out the weeds that were given a nice home this summer. I have nothing pressing, and I'm looking forward to that.
When I got home tonight, I walked in the backyard briefly. An absolutely pleasant surprise awaited me! My clematis was in full bloom! I can't even begin to describe the wonderful fragrance that comes from this vine. The first thing I thought of was that I needed to find a picture of it to post here. And I am very sorry that this isn't a scratch and sniff blog (I'm guessing that doesn't exist YET). Because I would certainly subscribe to it if it meant sharing this fragrance with each of you.
So, short of sharing that with you, I thought I'd share some random thoughts of the week.
  • Perennials are one of the best things Mother Nature ever came up with. Plant 'em once and they share their beauty every year.
  • There are good "geeks" in high school, and some of them are even popular.
  • Everyone can use a little "reinforcement" from the sisterhood once in a while. Sometimes it's enough to convince you to move forward with your dreams.
  • My daughter is a grown woman who is extremely capable of making very wise decisions.
  • The saying that "being a parent is a job that, when done well, gets you fired" is one that makes me both sad and joyful at the very same time.
  • Sometimes, I need caffeine. Well, maybe not NEED... but want. Sometimes I want caffeine.
  • You can do someone a favor by being straight up with them. Don't beat around the bush trying to gingerly say what you are saying. Sometimes it's the straight talk that makes things crystal clear.
  • Thoughts become things. Choose the good ones.
  • I couldn't ask to have fallen in love with a better man than the one I'm in love with.

I hope you all have a wonderful, sun-filled weekend. As for me... I've got two days in front of me to do whatever looks good at the moment!! I'll let you know later what that ends up being.


Leanne said...

Oh, Peg, your blog today makes me smile. It's such a good feeling . . . to go into a weekend feeling positive and clear. I love that (and happen to be experiencing the same.) I also equally LOVE the clematis photos. Mine did not take as well this year (I don't think I had them covered at the root as well as I should have). But there is always next year. Thanks for sharing your random thoughts. As always, they are little snip-its of YOU that I love. Hope you have a great weekend!

Laura said...

PK - I thought your random thoughts were TERRIFIC!!! Makes me think of all kinds of random things that I, too, am grateful. Thanks for the blog. Have a GREAT GREAT GREAT weekend!

Bill said...

I don't think your thoughts are random at all. There is a definite theme and I think you know what it is. Anyway it's great to read about your peace and contentment. We should all be so fortunate.