Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Friends and Inspiration...From a Cellar

Ahhhhh..... I spent last Saturday in the cellar, and I feel refreshed, inspired and incredibly grateful for very talented friends!!  The cellar is what we have affectionately labeled my girlfriend's basement.  The formal name is "Scrapbook Cellar".  We try to meet there once every 4-6 weeks to scrap for the day, without having to pay the fees they want in all day scraps at stores (where you always spend more money).  The nice thing is we inspire and energize each other.  This time, I learned how to quickly scrapbook 30 random pictures.  It's like a lightbulb went off in my head!!  A real "duh" moment....why hadn't I thought of that sooner!!
Robert Louis Stevenson said "A friend is a present you give yourself."  I hope you have friends in your life who listen to you, advise you, inspire you, laugh with you, act as your cheerleaders when you aren't quite sure, and let you know they are there when you need them most. I'm so grateful that I do. (And grateful to certain spouses who do lunch runs!! - Thanks, CT).


Laura said...

PK - I, too, love The Scrapbook Cellar! Thanks for including this in your blog!

Leanne said...

So great, PK!!! LOVE the post. And I, too, have much gratitude for the time spent in the cellar! This past weekend was especially great, don't you think? So very motivating and inspiring . . . thanks to the great ladies who were there (including YOU!) And yes, we must not forget CT! So looking forward to next month.