Saturday, September 12, 2009

Touch-A-Truck Date

Today, I'm giddy with excitement. I have a date...with my 2-year-old grandson. We are going to the Touch-A-Truck event. Every year, the town he lives in hauls out their big trucks, tractors, fire trucks, etc. and let's the kids climb on/in them and enjoy them. Last year, just barely over a year old and walking only a few months, this little boy nearly ran to each of the trucks. Today, a year later, he can tell you the official name of a "bobcat" vehicle. For those uninformed among us, a bobcat is actually called a skid steer loader and if you have a conversation with Cormick, he WILL set you straight. We've already had a conversation this morning, with him telling me which vehicles he wanted to see (dump truck and bulldozer) and him asking me what I want to see (fire truck). And he's only 2 years old!!!! I am so blessed!!

Will post pics of this year's event when I'm back home later this afternoon!! See ya!!
Sunday, 9/13/09 - Okay... update on my "date" yesterday.... we had a ball!! On the way to the event, he revised his list of what he wanted to see... besides the dump truck and bulldozer, he added EXCAVATOR. Yes, he used that word... How many 2 year olds do you know who will say they want to see an excavator? I'd guess most adults don't know what one looks like, but he pointed one out to me on our way to the place. I'm so in awe of this kid!! And he was in awe exploring the trucks.


bill said...

It's hard to beat the genuine enthusiasm of the innocent. What a treat for you. If only us more "experienced" children could recapture some of that feeling.

Leanne said...

What a fantastic day, Peggy! I can't believe how big your "Little Man" is getting! I'm sure it was an absolutely fantastic time!

Anonymous said...

Great post, Mom. Who knew trucks could be so exciting (for us!!!) ;)