Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A sweet, very short story

My grandson has been waking up early lately...really early... 4 a.m. early!!  But Mommy and Daddy don't get him up until 5 a.m.  So he spends the first 15 minutes calling "Ris-tene".  When that doesn't work, he spends the next 15 minutes calling "Maaaameeeee".  Today, he slept til 5 a.m. and gave Mommy a big hug when he got up.  This is the conversation that followed:
Mommy:  Did you have nice dreams? 
Cormick:  Yes
M:  What did you dream about?
C:  You.  I dream 'bout you.
M:  Oh, honey, that's so nice.
C:  You my best friend. 
Pretty cool, isn't it?  Mommy's his best friend.  Tomorrow, I'll post related thoughts.  But I just needed to share this story with you today.  Life is good.  I am lucky!!


Leanne said...

OOhhhhh, PK! SOOOO Super sweet! That one melts my heart! Oh, that Mr. C.!!! I just LOVE him!

Laura said...

Oh, I love that!!!! Makes my heart feel good!

Anonymous said...

L&L- You're telling me. I got the best friend in the world, don't I??? :)