Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Random Thoughts

  • Having a dream about the death of a friend of a friend is disturbing. Especially when you're pretty sure the friend of your friend is pretty healthy.  Do you tell your friend about your dream and risk upsetting him, too?
  • Crawling up into the attic (thanks to help from my older grandson) is sort of like a treasure hunt.  Things have been up there for so long you forget what's there.  It can be both a sad and a joyous adventure.  And a walk down memory lane.
  • I'm hooked on Starbucks' Caramel Frappuchinos. 
  • Once you forget about expressing gratitude every day, you open the door for the negativity to walk right in.  Makes getting angry so much easier.  YUCK!!
  • Having a weekly chat with a friend sort of centers me and gets me focused all over again.  I hope I give her the same "feel-good" feeling. 
  • It is amazing how spending time with your grandkids will fill you with such joy that it changes your outlook on everything!!
  • Accomplishing some long neglected things around the house gives me an incredible high.  I love marking things off my to-do (or as Leanne says, TA-DA) list. 
  • Digi-scrapping can be the quick fix to fulfill the creative need.  I've found that I enjoy digi-scrapping while my beloved PG sits watching TV.  We can both be in the same room, yet do what we enjoy.
  • I love making pasta sauce, love the way my house smells as it cooks and even though it was a weird day to be make it (given that it was 90 outside), I'm glad I took the time!
  • I've begun a daily gratitude email with my girlfriend.  We make sure we tell each other each day what we are grateful for.  First steps in getting the law of attraction to bring you more of what you can be grateful for.
So, if you were emailing me your gratitude for the day, what would it be??


Leanne said...

Right now, I am grateful for a few moments of quiet. (Is that selfish? I think so ... sorry ... but it is truthful and what I feel at this very moment. Ah... I'll stop by later with a less selfish comment.) Love this post! Good job, PKG!

Anonymous said...

I just discovered this blog and love it. I am grateful for my special husband who loves me unconditionally. He is the kindness man and so thoughtful.
Have you tried McDonald's caramel frappe'? You won't want a Starbucks after you taste one and it's much cheaper.
Doris D.
Hampton VA

Peggy K said...

Doris, I have had McDonald's Caramel Frappe. And they are good!! The first one I tried I got not a brain freeze, but a throat freeze. Had to drink some water to warm up my throat!!
Thanks for stopping by. Hope you become a regular!!