Friday, July 16, 2010

Creativity - Are You In????

Well, we've finished installing the shelving in the craft closet, so I can start to get my craft room back in order.  And just in the nick of time.  You see, a fellow blogger has issued a challenge.  Leslie at Words of Me Project has proposed a creativity challenge that will last for 31 days beginning on July 26.  During those 31 days, we are to do something creative every day.  Whether it's writing in your journal, scrapbooking or cardmaking, painting (yes, painting walls counts), gardening, photography or whatever else is in your creative veins.  Maybe it's a little bit of each. 
By the end of the 31 days, by taking the time to care for yourself, you are happier and healthier for it.  How can you go wrong??
So I'm in!!  I'm going to spend 31 days finding something creative to do, each and every day.  It might be taking some pictures, or creating some cards, or penning some deep thoughts!!  And I'll post some of it here. 

Would you like to join in this challenge??

OH, and along with my search for a new look to my blog, I've been encouraged by Leanne at From Chaos Comes Happiness to add a button.  She's the genius behind making buttons work, so I'll need her help to make this happen.  Watch for my button in the next day or two!!  It'll look something like this:
I guess I'm getting a head start on this creativity challenge!!


scrapwordsmom said...

Hooray!! So happy you are joining me, Peggy:)

Leanne said...

I'm on board, PK!!! (Hey - we can include our scrapdate on the 30th for that day!!! Yippie!!!)

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is exciting! I don't know if I could committ to something like that!! Good luck!
Stopping by from SITS!

Bossy Betty said...

Love that Leanne!

The challenge sounds great! Sometimes just getting out of bed can be creative. Keep that in mind if you ever need to cheat one day.

--The Bad Influence