Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm Just Tickled Pink!!!!

I'm in heaven.  My daughter had an ultrasound done, and found out it'll be a girl.  Now, let me be clear on one thing right away.  It wouldn't have mattered to me whether it was a boy OR a girl.  I'm just delighted I've got one more baby in my life to love!!
Here's what so cool about the way Christine and Steve handle the whole issue with baby's sex/ what's the name/ yadi, yadi, yadi...They find out the sex ("Mom, I don't know how people waited 40 weeks to find out the sex of their baby.  I want to be able to call it something other than 'it'"), but they will NOT tell us the baby's name.  We don't get to know that until we are formally introduced to the little one after "it" has made it's grand entrance.  I just think that is SO very cool!! 
So anyway, back to my first thought...I just think it's kinda cool that my firstborn was a boy, then I had a girl.  My daughter's firstborn was a boy, and now she'll have a girl.  My blog buddy, Leanne, has two girls.  And her mom had two girls.  Nothing to read into there...I'm not going to go on about the planets aligning, or the will of God, or the law of attraction.  I just think it's neat!!
And as far as getting the frilly little dresses and "ruffle butts" (as my mother used to call them), I think the first piece of clothing I get my granddaughter will be a pair of jeans.  Nope, not pink jeans.  I'm getting her BLUE jeans (with maybe a pink top).  Because every girl needs a nice pair of jeans.  That's just standard!!  Now if I can just find one that won't make her butt look big!!!

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