Friday, November 27, 2009


As I fell asleep last night, thinking about the events of the day, I realized I hadn't taken the time to update my blog on Thanksgiving!  What's up with that?!?!  So let me just share a few reflections on the day (I'm going for full disclosure here, folks!)...
  • I seem to go thru a "I don't want to go" thing every year at Thanksgiving.  Although it truly is my favorite holiday, there's something about having the 4 days off that makes me want to stay home and get something done.  I'm so glad my PG talked me out of  "calling in sick".  He SO knows how to play me, y'know?? 
  • There's a certain energy I feel when we all get together at Thanksgiving.  I can tell you that it's not just a "feel good"'s an energy that has momentum.  I can't even fully describe it, but I can tell you that it feels like goodness.  You know how it's said that EVERY family is in some way dysfunctional.  (I'm one that believes that, but I also feel that labeling "dysfunction" is a judgment call).  But when we're together on Thanksgiving, I just don't feel that.  So to my brother and sister-in-law hosts, I thank you for providing us with an atmosphere that is warm and loving. 
  • I am giddy with delight to see our family growing with the next generation.  We now have 4 grandkids and one on the way.  It's sometimes still mind-boggling to look at my siblings and realize that some are grandparents or mmmm.... grandparents-in-waiting!  (Sorry, kids).
  • I admire people who are willing to step into the adventure of trying new recipes.  I tend to stick with the tried and true.  But there's a whole bunch of good food waiting for you when you take the time to watch the food channels.  We had some good stuff to eat yesterday.
  • I am so thankful for so much in my life.  From the little conversations I have with my grandson ("Go away, grandma") to where I am in my life right now.  I am truly blessed.  I just wish I was better at putting the little things into words...I'm working on it, but it's likely to be dangerous, y'know...then I'll NEVER shut up!!
  • Finally, a dear friend of mine lost his mother the day before Thanksgiving and my heart is breaking for him.  Although his mom was sick for a while, it seems that no matter how well prepared we think we are when it comes to the loss of a parent, it still catches us off guard.  She was a strong woman, a wonderful role model, taught her kids how to fight back from adversity, but it was time for her to "go with God".  To my dear friend, you and your family are in my prayers. 

Have a wonderful Black Friday, all.  I think I'm done shopping for the day, did it all online.  Now it's just a matter of taking advantage of the 3 days left.  I've got some cards to make, some gifts to wrap, and some pictures to take.  Have a happy day. 

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Leslie Miller said...

It sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving, Peggy. You are fortunate to have this to wrap around yourself. I'm from a small family but occasionally have done the large holiday dinners with the in-laws. They're never quite "Norman Rockwell" but they're a pleasant bunch. I like nothing better than the four day opportunity to get off the treadmill, though. That's when I really have time to reflect on all I'm grateful for. Thank you for a lovely post.