Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thanksgiving - Then & Now

It has become a tradition to have Thanksgiving at my brother and sister-in-law's house each year.  Their house if big enough to hold our whole family; brothers and sisters and spouses and kids and grandkids.  And the adults are in one room, kids in another, although the rooms are connected.  By the way, I use the term "kids" loosely.  Most are adults -- but they're still our kids.  My sister-in-law, Carol, does a phenomenal job (truly a job) at pulling this all together.  And she makes it look so simple. 
It's so much fun to hear the chatter from the kids' room.  Can't hear what they're saying, but the noise level is soothing. 
I found the black and white picture above while I was going through old pictures.  I can't help but believe it was of Thanksgiving.  If not, so what...it's my Dad, his sisters, their spouses and kids, Grandma and Uncle John gathering for a meal.  This warms my heart.  Can't you just hear the chatter??  And knowing my Dad and Uncle Jimmy, I can also hear the laughter.  Because one of them, just like my brother does now, would always be cracking a joke!! 
It's no wonder Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. 


Leanne said...

Such a great post, PK. And fantastic scrapbook page. I absolutely love the "then" and "now" idea. Yes, this is a wonderful holiday.

Laura said...

Hey PK - love the post, love the scrapbook page too! I have vivid memories growing up with a crowd of people gathered around two Thanksgiving tables. Times have changed, but this is still a great holiday to celebrate with family.